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Jul 10, 2009

How about the American Farmer?

Is socialism coming?

Obama often said   "I like pie",

all pies get cut up into equal shares.

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What about our food supply? How about the American Farmer?

Is socialism coming?

Obama often said "I like pie", after all pies get cut up into equal shares. We know this and Joe the plumber knew it too.  Obama often made reference to stopping all supplemental funding to the greedy millionaire farmers through out his campaign.

Now I know some millionaire farmers, first of all they work a lot harder than any Wall Street executive or union line worker I ever heard of. Most all their assets are in land, equipment, seed and livestock.

Note the price of milk has gone down dramatically with the result that all too many dairy farmers are in dire straits and have no choice but to sell off parts of their dairy herd. Now with the high cost of feed, preparing the milk products, as well as getting milk products to the market being higher than the retail price, the farmers are maintaining their farms at a loss.

It's a foot in the door. Even Joe Biden "the gift that keeps on giving" last week remarked on how "the Government could save money by cutting off supplemental funding to the millionaire farmers".

If we don't supplement them they will fail and the administration can get the farms at a ridiculously low price. You can imagine that President Obama will take no time in withdrawing supplements from the so called millionaire farmers causing them to ask for funding or face bankruptcy. Now as we all now know bankruptcy of a large industry means Government takeover. If they have an opportunity to nationalize the farms it shall be done.

It's just a thought but think about it. Note you heard it here first. The scariest thought of all is in the sights of this administration as we speak, the farms, yes our food supply. But first, before they can take control of the food supply and make people hungry they have to disarm the people, So they all too soon tried to pass a gun control bill H.R. 45 designed to take away your right to bear arms.

Thank g/d it was halted or at least postponed until a greater atmosphere of fright and anarchy can be established to make the people forget why the founding fathers made it possible to defend your home and yourself against enemies both foreign and domestic, even if it is the government.

No I am not preaching insurrection, the fact is I am just trying to open some eyes to the notion that we are on a road to a socialist/fascist state. The only way to prevent it is to be an educated voter.

So let's recap

The government will control

1. The national media (possibly with a new title department of propaganda with a media czar at the helm)

2.  Banks

3.  Transportation

4.  Fuel

5.  The right to bear arms

6.  What then control the food?

Victor Laslow