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Jan 9, 2012

HAMAS has Speakers in Tampa Public Schools


Education Groups In Florida OUTRAGED!                                                                                                                 HAMAS entity has regular speakers in Tampa Public Schools!                                                                                                                                        List of Demands submitted to Education Officials

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United We Stand --  Divided We Fall 




Sheri Krass (EUSE)

Diane Kepus (FACE)

Dr. Alison Rampersad (TAN)

Dr. Gene Youngblood (State of Fl. Higher Ed. Adv Council)

Bill Korach (The Report Card)



10:00 AM EDT, Monday,

Jan 9, 2012

Education Groups In Florida OUTRAGED!

HAMAS entity has regular speakers in Tampa Public Schools!

List of Demands submitted to Education Officials


A coalition of Education and Patriotic Organizations are outraged that a federally designated HAMAS entity, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), has apparently gained regular access to Tampa area public schools students.


According to sources one speaker was Hassan Shibly, CAIR Tampa Chapter Leader. According to CAIR's Facebook post on December 3rd, 2011, CAIR had conducted presentations to over a dozen different AP world history and world religions classes in Tampa Public Schools to include Steinbrenner High School.


Kelly Miliziano, a World History teacher at Steinbrenner, confirmed in an email dated November 14 email: "Every year I invite a representative from CAIR to speak to our AP World History Students." and in another email wrote "Over the years I have had many speakers from CAIR come to my classes....


Hassan shibly who spoke at Steinbrenner, has defended the designated terrorist group Hezbollah, characterizing it as a "resistance movement" furthermore, "They're absolutely not a terrorist organization," Shibly said, and "any war against them is illegitimate." He also said that Sharia law and not democracy should be implemented in countries where Muslims are the majority during a 2010 interview.

CAIR advocates for Sharia Law; CAIR advocates for known terrorist groups whose goal is to harm the United States. CAIR supports and is supported by Muslim Brotherhood groups who have expressed a deep hatred of American Liberty.


Thus CAIR and their spokesman, such as Hassan Shibly, who regularly advocate for these groups and Sharia Law, are working to subvert American law, loyalty to America, American values, and our American heritage, and they have no place in our public schools.

Allowing CAIR access to our children is tantamount to advocating overturning the Constitution in favor of Sharia Law. This causes our school children to question their loyalty and patriotism.

We are assuming that giving CAIR entre' into the Hillsborough schools was done without knowledge of who CAIR is. We trust you agree that this organization should not have access to our children, furthermore, that we can no longer tolerate the political correctness or ignorance which has allowed this injustice to be perpetrated on our children.

There are in fact Islamic groups which would be a much better choice to speak to our children, one such group is American Islamist for Democracy (AIFD).

We respectfully request the following actions immediately be taken;

  1. The School District sever all connections with CAIR and its membership to include Hassan Shibly.
  2. We request a vetting process be implemented to ensure Islamic groups have no connections or affiliations to Muslim Brotherhood entities listed in Attachment "A" of HLF court documents.
  3. A list of all schools and classes which CAIR or other Islamic Groups have been allowed to speak to in the Hillsborough School District, be provided to this Coalition.
  4. We request equal time with each of these classes to give a factual presentation by experts of our choice to speak on similar topics.
  5. We request that all School Board Members to include the superintendant of Schools attend a briefing on "Islamic Indoctrination in America's Public Schools" by our experts.
  6. We request that a presentation on "Islamic Indoctrination in America's Public Schools" be presented to faculty of each school in the district twice annually.
  7. We request that factual supplements be prepared in conjunction with our experts and textbook teams, as well as their implementation as soon as possible.


Respectfully submitted by:

Dr. Gene A. Youngblood, Conservative Theological University

State of Florida, Faith Based Higher Education Advisory Council

Sheri Krass, Eye on US Education (EUSE)

Diane Kepus & Karen Schoen, Florida Assessment Committee for Education (FACE)

Dr. Alison Rampersad, Textbook Action Network (TAN)

Bill Korach, The Report Card

Fmr Commander USNR, Past President of the Navy League, St Augustine Council which was Voted Outstanding Council for 2010.

Randy McDaniels, ACT! for America - Jacksonville Chapter

Dr. Richard Swier, The United West (TUW)

Marine Veteran, Occupational Specialties - Counter Intelligence and Operations

Jason Campbell, Program Director, Christian Action Network (CAN)

Debbie Gonzales, First Coast TEA Party - proposed (contact info)

Rolando Perez, Bear Witness Central,

Stephen Hunter, TEA Party Solutions, Ocala

Morgan Thomas, Nassau Patriots,