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Campaign For Liberty




     We are calling for an emergency meeting to discuss and implement an action plan to cover the remaining few weeks of the Tallahassee legislative session. The main purpose of the meeting will be to discuss ways to focus our joint resources in the remaining few weeks in order to pass meaningful legislation.

     The meeting will be held April 2, 2011 at the Hart Memorial Public Library, 211 E Dakin Ave. 2nd Floor, Lillie Room, Kissimmee FL 34741 from 9:30 AM until 4:00 PM.  We will send out for lunch.

     The Coalition for Liberty is an informal organization comprised of leaders and representatives from many liberty groups throughout Florida. The Coalition's purpose is to focus on a joint legislative agenda so that we can coordinate the individual groups lobbying activities to maximize the impact on our legislators.

     Last November many of us traveled to Tallahassee to network and attend the special session.  We were provided with a "dog and pony" show of legislators all saying the same thing.  "We heard your message.  We are going to do the right thing.  Hold us accountable." 

     Now is the time to hold our legislators accountable.

     There have been quite a few bad bills coming out of Tallahassee.  Many of the good bills are languishing in committees.  There are many "Trojan Horse" bills that do the opposite of what the name purports.

     The latest example is the Teacher Merit Pay bill.  I think we can all agree that good teachers should be rewarded, but this bill turns over the keys to our schools to the federal government.  This is the educational equivalent to Obamacare. A more accurate name for the bill would be Obama-Ed. 

      In August of 2010 Gov. Crist took $700 million dollars of stimulus money for education through a program called Race To The Top (RTTP), but there were strings attached to all this stimulus money.  Florida agreed to comply with RTTP.

     RTTP codified teacher merit pay as written by the Obama administration.  RTTP also subjects Florida to federal education standards set by bureaucrats in Washington.  Obama-Ed takes away control of our schools from parents and school board members and gives it to the Dept of Education.

     Do we really want our children indoctrinated by bureaucrats in Washington DC?  Or should we let parents and school board members decide the curriculum.  Do we really want to continue to accept federal dollars with strings attached? Our legislators are trading local control of our schools for federal dollars.  

     The new election bill was passed that legalizes "Affiliated Party Committees" (APC).  An APC is a "slush fund" that is controlled by the Florida Speaker of the House, Senate President, or the two minority leaders.  These "slush funds" will be used to funnel special interest dollars to incumbent legislators.  This is "Pay to Play" at its worst.

     If you are a member of the Republican or Democratic parties you should be outraged.  APCs now have the same power as your political party.  They can use your name and symbols without the permission of the party. They raise contribution limits for the special interests.

     If you are a member of a minor party or an independent you should be outraged.  This new law only applies to 4 people in the state.  No one else can raise money this way to influence legislative races. 

     Take a look at the Health Care Freedom Act.  The Act guarantees my right to opt out of any mandate.  But who is going to protect me if I choose to exercise my rights?  Will the state of Florida Attorney General sue on my behalf?  Will our local sheriff file criminal charges against federal agents involved?

     All this bill does is allow the politicians to say they support Health Care Freedom.  I am reminded of the old Wendy's commercial.  "Where's the beef?".

     The repeal of Real ID is dead.  There were hearings held for the publicity value, but there was no intention of proceeding out of committee.

     Tallahassee will not act on the Intrastate Commerce Bill, Sovereignty of the State Bill, and many other pieces of liberty legislation.  These bills are being hidden away in committees, never to see the light of day again.

     Florida Campaign for Liberty's Legislative Affairs Director, John Hallman is a registered lobbyist in Tallahassee working on our joint liberty issues.  He is only one person against thousands and thousands of special interest lobbyists, lawyers, and bureaucrats.

     If we are to have any chance of success we must get together, plan, and activate our collective  group memberships over the next few weeks.

     Please attend the meeting and share your viewpoints. If you would like a special report on specific legislation, if you would like anything put on the agenda, or have any other issues you would like to discuss, or any other suggestions, please let us know in advance so that we can better prepare.  You may email or      

    Thank you.

Mark Cross

Executive Director 

Florida Campaign for Liberty