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Commit To "Pray And Vote"
And Help Restore Our Nation

America is at a historic crossroads and our nation urgently needs concerned citizens to step forward by taking two essential patriotic actions: Pray and Vote!

That's why Liberty Counsel has launched a nationwide "Pray And Vote 2010" campaign to reach 4 MILLION pro-faith, pro-family and pro-liberty voters before Election Day. Reaching just 4 million voters could change the course of the election... and our nation

First Crucial Step... Take A Stand To "Pray And Vote" 
The secular media despises any and all efforts to bring faith into the political process. But our Founders were painstakingly careful to include God in the process! Liberty Counsel's "Pray And Vote" effort is a multi-media campaign that will get the message out and then help equip pro-faith voters right up until Election Day.

But the first vital step in our campaign is for many thousands of citizens to take a stand and boldly say, "I Will Pray And Vote!" Once you sign your commitment below, you will receive access to an array of "Pray And Vote" resources from Liberty Counsel as well as crucial action alerts between now and Election Day. We'll also give you tools to help spread the word and expand your impact in this election.

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