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Right at this moment...

I'm just back from Juneau, Alaska, working with the Joe Miller for U. S. Senate team. His legal team has filed a lawsuit in Anchorage to stop the certification of the election of write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski, and to contest rank violations of Alaska's election law. No matter what the liberal media tells you, Don't count Constitutional conservative Joe Miller out yet. The plot by the big government establishment Republican power brokers, in concert with the Washington elites, to keep the Alaska U. S. Senate seat in liberal hands, has not been successful... YET.

I was in Alaska on my "own dime." AND, I may be going back, for my third trip to Alaska since the election, the first part of next week.

Gary Kreep (at left)
reviewing voting records
in Alaska
(Photo credit:
Michael Penn: JUNEAU EMPIRE)
With the exception of the law firm which formally represents the Miller Campaign, all of the Miller legal team here in Alaska is volunteering their time. Here is my personal question: Why isn't the Republican Party here "pulling out all of the stops" to fight for the election of the Republican candidate for U. S. Senate in Alaska? Is it because the liberal write-in candidate for the U. S. Senate that Joe Miller is battling is the daughter of the former U. S. Senator who "owned" the seat for a number of years? Lisa Murkowski "inherited" the Alaska U. S. Senate seat when her "daddy," liberal Republican Frank Murkowski, who had just been elected Alaska governor, bequeathed it to her in 2002 by appointing her to fill the balance of his Senate term. She has a lot of powerful political friends in the liberal Republican Washington political establishment. Fortunately, she doesn't have as many friends as Joe. His friends are the voters of the State of Alaska, and the champions of honest elections all over the United States.

Joe Miller's legal team has filed suit over the write-in dispute to protect the legitimate votes cast by the voters in Alaska who want, and who voted for, a true conservative and, not a write-in, Republican-in-Name-Only (RINO), candidate, to represent them in the United States Senate.

The FRAUD in this campaign was rampant!
I have signed an affidavit for filing with the court, laying out what I have personally observed here in Alaska. I will probably sign more affidavits concerning the voting irregularities that I have witnessed during the vote count in this, and possibly, other State and/or federal court cases related to the Election of 2010.

I was one of several key people reviewing the voter rolls and counting the write-ins. And, so, I am witness to a lot of the "errors" in the voting.

AND, USJF is preparing to file a separate lawsuit on behalf of a variety of Alaska voters, to challenge the ballot counting procedures being used in this election. Those procedures, put into effect AFTER THE ELECTION to help the Lisa Murkowski write-in campaign, violate Alaska state election law. Further, those procedures were applied one way to benefit Ms. Murkowski and another way to penalize other regular and write-in candidates for U. S. Senate.

A write-in ballot with a one letter misspelling was rejected for one write-in candidate, while any ballots with three misspelled letters, or with 2 of the 3 syllables in her name "sounding correctly," were counted as legitimate votes for Murkowski. How can you have different standards for different candidates for the same office?

And, the requirement that the identity of all voters in Alaska be verified before they are allowed to vote has been ignored in thousands of instances in the 2010 election. I have confirmed this failure to comply with Alaska state election law in hundreds of cases myself!

Plus, in numerous voting precincts that I have reviewed, the vote results (which candidate received how many votes in the precinct) have been missing.

The list goes on:
  1. According to one Miller volunteer, numerous ballots were signed for by one person in the same precinct;
  2. In many precincts, in the paperwork given to me by Alaska DOE officials, ballots were not accounted for by the precinct workers on election day;
  3. In one precinct, according to a Miller volunteer, numerous "extra votes" were not accounted for by the precinct workers on election day; and,
A host of other vote issues are present in the Alaska election!

PLEASE, CLICK HERE to DONATE to the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) in this historic legal battle to make sure that the wishes of the voters are upheld; and that voter fraud is exposed. PLEASE ASSIST US NOW in this and in the other voter fraud battles that we are taking on!

Joe Miller was the Tea Party's candidate. He soundly defeated the then sitting liberal U. S. Senator, Lisa Murkowski, in the Republican primary; and, we believe, he defeated her in the general election. We don't think that the people of Alaska suddenly changed their mind and voted for "more of the same" in Washington, D.C. when they soundly repudiated Murkowski in the primary election.

Since you voted for "change in 2010" in your own State, I know that you agree. You don't get rid of the far left status quo by voting to keep it. Historically, write-in candidates don't win elections. In the history of the United States, only one write-in candidate ever won a U. S. Senate race. His name was Strom Thurmond, and he won the U. S. Senate seat in South Carolina as a write-in candidate in 1954, after the death of then U. S. Senator Olin Johnson. Strom Thurmond ran as an independent.

When the Associated Press (AP) announced Lisa Murkowski as the winner of the Alaska U. S. Senate seat, she gave her acceptance speech. However, she overlooked one thing. The AP doesn't cast the votes, PEOPLE do. The voice of the people of Alaska in the Election of 2010 has not yet been heard. The voice of the liberal establishment politicians has been heard, and AP reported their words as though the people had spoken. BUT, Joe Miller has not yet heard the words of the people, and Joe Miller has not conceded. AND RIGHTFULLY SO!
  1. Fraud has been committed.
  2. I saw it personally.
  3. There were many violations of Alaskan election law that need to be examined and brought into the light of day.
PLEASE, CLICK HERE to DONATE to the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) in this historic legal battle to make sure that the wishes of the voters are upheld; and that voter fraud is exposed. PLEASE ASSIST US NOW in this and in the other voter fraud battles that we are taking on!

According to the United States Supreme Court, the law that is in effect when the first ballot is cast in an election is the law that governs how the votes of that election are counted, and what constitutes a valid or rejected vote. In Alaska, the law states that every write-in voter must spell the name of the candidate that they are voting for exactly as the candidate spelled it on his or her registration as a write-in candidate. As the vote count began it became clear that many of those who purportedly voted for Murkowski, misspelled her name. The Alaska Division of Elections (DOE) quickly modified the rules to accommodate "slight" misspellings of Murkowski's name. In the first change, the DOE ruled that spellings in which 3 or fewer letters were misspelled were acceptable. (It appears that was acceptable for Murkowski, but not for other write-in candidates for the U.S. Senate seat, since one ballot was rejected because one letter in the write-in candidate's name was misspelled.) The following day, the rule was modified again, based not on the letters in the name, but on whether two of the three syllables in Mur-kow-ski's name "sounded like" the write-in candidate's name---if two of the three syllables did "sound" like her name, she was awarded the vote. This was clearly a violation of Alaska state election law and U. S. Supreme Court precedent!

Now, you might think that Murkowski is a hard name for voters to remember how to spell. However, Frank Murkowski was a U. S. Senator from Alaska from 1980 until 2002---22 years. He was Alaska's Governor from 2002 until 2006---4 years,when Sarah Palin beat him in the Republican primary and became the GOP nominee for Governor of the State of Alaska in 2006.

Lisa Murkowski was an Alaska state legislator from 1998 until 2002, when her "daddy," Frank Murkowski, appointed her to his vacant U. S. Senate seat, after being elected governor of Alaska. She's been in office in Alaska for 12 years.

Plus, the Murkowski write-in campaign handed out thousands of rubber "bracelets" for voters to wear into the voting booths to remember how to spell her name when they voted for her (an apparent violation of election law barring campaigning within 100 feet of polling places).

Then there is the $1.7 million dollars that she spent on her campaign, including numerous television ads, instructing voters how to spell her name. And, let's not forget the reported at least $1.26 million that the Alaskan Indian "native corporations" spent to promote her write-in campaign---much of which came from federal taxpayer funds.

How anyone can claim, with a straight face, that the voters of Alaska could not correctly spell the name Murkowski is a mystery to me!

But, now, the "native corporations" have asked the U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate the election. They claim that the Alaskan Indians are too stupid to know how to write in the name Murkowski, and they want the DOJ to assist them in their campaign to elect her by somehow invalidating the current Alaska state election law that requires the correct spelling of the name Murkowski on the write-in ballot with, according to Alaska state law, "no exceptions!"

They've forgotten about the campaign by some in Alaska, apparently including at least one radio DJ, to have people purposely write in the incorrectly spelled name of Lisa Murkowski as a protest vote.

They've forgotten about how the Alaska Division of Elections originally ruled that any write-in vote for "Lisa M" would count as a vote for Lisa Murkowski, in direct violation of Alaska state election law. And this despite the fact that there was another write-in candidate named "Lisa M.".

According to the Murkowski campaign, her high priced, and paid for, legal team, and those in the liberal Republican establishment both in Alaska and in Washington, D.C., Alaska law does not matter! All that matters is re-electing Lisa Murkowski so that she can feather the nests of her supporters with pork barrel politics! In the current "lame duck" session of Congress, she just voted against banning "earmarks"---thereby allowing her to continue to feed public taxpayer funds to her supporters and allies!

PLEASE, CLICK HERE to DONATE to the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) in this historic legal battle to make sure that the wishes of the voters are upheld; and that voter fraud is exposed. PLEASE ASSIST US NOW in this and in the other voter fraud battles that we are taking on!

In Alaska, slightly more than 41% of all votes cast were write-in votes. Tea Party Republican Joe Miller, who easily swept the GOP primary, took 34.2% of the ballots cast, with Democratic challenger Scott McAdams trailing with 23.7% of the votes. While the media reported that Murkowski has all but won the election, as they attributed all of the write-in votes to her, the facts are that, in the Alaska U. S. Senate election, there were over 160 write-in candidates for the Senate seat.

USJF wants to make sure that due diligence is given to the vote count, and that the establishment Republicans that run the election process in Alaska have their "feet held to the fire," to make sure there is no "haste" to simply award write-in ballots to the RINO write-in candidate that they favor. When voters take the time to cast their ballot, their votes must be actually counted---accurately and honestly. Vote fraud and "dirty politics" are, unfortunately, increasingly a part of every major election in the United States.

The November 2nd election, throughout the country, was a victory for the people of the United States. Throughout the spring and summer, Tea Party advocates all across our nation told Washington that they would hear the "PEOPLE'S VOICE" in the Election of 2010.

It's hard to believe that the PEOPLE'S VOICE echoed throughout the "Lower 48," but only whispered in Alaska. It's hard to believe that the candidate who lost to Joe Miller in the GOP primary would make history as a write-in candidate, defeating the People's candidate, and returning the "establishment" candidate, whom they rejected, back to Washington as part of the 112th Congress.

Sadly, establishment Republicans all over the country are demanding that Joe Miller give up what will prove to be his rightful claim to the U.S. Senate seat in Alaska, and let dirty politics prevail in the land of the midnight sun.

PLEASE, CLICK HERE to DONATE to the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) in this historic legal battle to make sure that the wishes of the voters are upheld; and that voter fraud is exposed. PLEASE ASSIST US NOW in this and in the other voter fraud battles that we are taking on!

Will you consider helping us fight for Joe, and for every American who believes that we need honest elections in America? Every American who expected their voice to be heard on November 2 needs an honest vote count, not only in Alaska, but in every election battle that USJF will be fighting in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. I desperately need you to help USJF win this fight in Alaska, and, soon, in every other State where USJF is asked to challenge election outcomes tainted by vote fraud. Please help the United States Justice Foundation with as large a tax deductible donation as you can afford. Call it an early Christmas present for America. Can you do it today?

We here at USJF have spent our own money to assist Joe Miller, a "shining star" in the Tea Party movement; and prevent voter fraud from pushing the election to the write-in candidate by a "casual" reading of what could be over 160 different write-in candidates' names on the write-in ballots, and by the failure of election officials to follow state law and verify the identity of all voters

The November 2 election was a mighty mandate against Barack Obama, his policies, and his Congressional allies, both Democrats and (RINO) Republicans. Do you agree? The American voters sent a very crystal-clear message of...

In order for the November 2 electoral revolution to really make a difference during the current Lame Duck session of Congress, and next January, we must make sure that every last vote is counted properly. My being in Alaska is not just to help see that every vote that was cast for Joe Miller is counted, but I am also here representing millions of Americans who voted for genuine change---and the restoration of a true "citizen's government".

It is a costly process. But USJF has always stood for the belief that the United States Constitution rules above all. That's why I am here---to make sure that the Constitution is followed "to the letter."

That's why I'm asking you, one patriot to another, to financially support our effort to make sure that the U. S. Constitution is upheld. Like I said, call this an early Christmas present for America.

PLEASE, CLICK HERE to DONATE to the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) in this historic legal battle to make sure that the wishes of the voters are upheld; and that voter fraud is exposed. PLEASE ASSIST US NOW in this and in the other voter fraud battles that we are taking on!

Four weeks ago, Americans across the country---and especially in Alaska---spoke with one voice and sent a clear message to Washington: "NO MORE!"
  • No more raising taxes during economically stressful times.
  • No more spending what we simply do not have.
  • No more political posturing while so many Americans continue to lose their jobs, their homes through foreclosure, their savings, and the dreams that they have for their children.
  • No more rewarding failure with bonuses and bailouts.
According to a recent ABC NEWS survey, only 50 percent of Americans believe that the American Dream is still a possibility. Personally, I believe that we must do everything possible to let our children know that the American Dream can STILL be achieved!

Conservative U. S. Senate candidate Joe Miller also believes in the message that the voters sent to Washington... NO MORE!

Lisa Murkowski believes in the status quo. The voters of America believe in honest elections. The voters in Alaska believe in Joe Miller. So do we.

I believe, like you do, that Joe deserves a chance to be in the United States Senate, to help those who still believe in the American Dream. That's why I've spent my own money to go to Alaska to help him. That's why the United States Justice Foundation is here. And that's why every single legitimate vote should be counted for Joe, and for the 160 write-in candidates who expect their write-in votes to be counted for them, and not for Lisa Murkowski because the status quo, RINO Republicans... and the liberals in Alaska... want her returned to the U. S. Senate.

Will you help USJF help Joe today?

It's time to reawaken the sleeping giant and restore America's standing as a vibrant and prosperous nation. That work begins now---even during a Lame Duck Congressional session.

Working together with the legal team of Joe Miller, we can keep the American dream alive for our children, and for their children.

I sincerely look forward to your generous financial vote of confidence for our efforts to insure a fair, legal, election in Alaska.

Whatever the size of your gift, please, ACT TODAY!

Urgently yours for America,

Gary G. Kreep, Esq.
Executive Director
United States Justice Foundation


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