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Our Mission Statement

The Republic Revealed Mission

Our goal is to provide a means through the use of this website for the people to learn about, respond to, and affect positive change in government by shining the light of truth. We hope to facilitate an open government, and access to that government. 

It is our belief that the power of the Internet can be used to change the way our elected officials cast their votes, In the cyberspace U.S.A. alone there are enough votes that could change a congressional vote that can have a major impact on your freedoms and rights. So we opened our site to the republic so they can make their voice heard in Federal and State governments and make the politicians vote as we wish not as the party power brokers tell them to.

A format that offers, at this one site,  ways to:

  • Research a bill up for discussion and or vote by the U.S. congress before it becomes law - You can study the bill see how it will affect you
  • Discuses the bill or familiar topics with other citizens just like you who want their voices heard
  • Find the congressman/woman and or representative[s] elected by the people in your area
  • Research the congressman/woman's and or representative's history and voting records - find out how he/she voted in the passed on different subjects and if he/she has intentions other then yours

One of the most important areas available here lets you contact your elected official. Please take advantage of this one as often as you like. Before you let them vote on a bill you should contact him/her, and tell them how you wish them to vote. Even if you also have to let them know how you intend to vote the next time they are up for election.

To make it so the voice of the people shall be heard and our elected officials will work for us according to the constitution that guides our Republic, or be voted out.

The Republic Revealed will try to provide thoughtful topics for discussion, informative insight as well as easy access to government officials and their voting records so every American - Democrat, Republican, Independent or Libertarian - who wishes to find and contact their elected official on the federal and state levels can do so here.

How can we do this?

We the people individually have the right and now through the Internet the capacity to tell our elected officials we are watching them. Not just one email statement that was passed around with a thousand signatures sent by one person or group that can be set aside as a mere annoyance.

The politicians cannot ignore thousands of individual signatures from a thousand different homes. Can you imagine the impact we would have if that thousand were multiplied by just one third of the American voters?

And so we offer, no not offer we importune all Patriot's to take advantage of the knowledge we make available to you so you can make a real change. Let the politicians know, we the people are the Republic and once again their vote will be our vote.

Research your Senator and Representative - Write that letter. Send that Email

For quick reference we offer you:

  • Links to the voting records of the sitting congress
  • Bill's that are up for discussion or vote - This is where your letter's come in. 
  • The Law Library of Congress
  • Forums

We also offer you in text form the:

  • U.S. Constitution
  • Declaration of Independence

We encourage you to contact your representatives and tell them how you feel.

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