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Terrorists Rule

DHS swears in an Islamist

Elections have consequences

After you read this article and see Obama has placed a known terrorist supporter in this high office check out this video pay special attention to the last step that the General says is the progressives agenda. Then be afraid be very afraid. Or you can VOTE!

then read this;

This is not a conspericy, all of this can be confirmed very quickly by you researching it on google. 

On the weekend before the crucial mid-term elections,

we bring you the juxtaposition of two recent events.

First, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

swore in three new members

of the Homeland Security Advisory Council-one of whom, Mohamed Elibiary, was a speaker at a 2004 event honoring the Ayatollah Khomeini!

When a Dallas Morning News reporter exposed Elibiary, Elibiary threatened him. Incredibly, Elibiary is someone Napolitano believes should now be on the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Second, two weeks ago German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in an obvious reference to the tidal wave of Muslim immigrants to Germany, made the stunning statement that multiculturalism in Germany has "totally failed."

This is emblematic of the broader pushback against the rising threat of radical Islam that is occurring throughout Europe-except, as celebrated author Melanie Phillips points out, in Great Britain (see story below).

Europe is beginning to understand the threat of radical Islam. More and more of the American people are beginning to understand the threat of radical Islam. Unfortunately, it is clear that much of the Obama administration, as illustrated by Napolitano's latest blunder, does not.

Elections have consequences. Please remember this when you vote.